Snail Mail With a New Twist

The older adults in your life aren’t connecting with friends and family as much as they would like. Memory Lane Cards makes a fill-in-the-blank greeting card activity kit for older adults to answer prompts and share their memories with the people they love. This Activity Kit promotes better emotional health while preserving memories and connecting family and friends. The cards are fun to complete and a great way to keep in touch.

The Memory Lane Cards Activity Kit includes:

Three (3) Fill-in-the-blank Greeting Cards

Three (3) Copies of a Detachable Keepsake Photo

Three (3) Stamped Envelopes

One (1) Set of Easy-to-follow Instructions

How Memory Lane Cards work


You pick the fill-in-the-blank prompt level.

First, select the fill-in-the-blank prompt level that best fits the older adult who will share their memories.


You pick and upload a photo.

Select and upload a photo of the older adult that will bring back fond memories (e.g. the older adult at an event or celebration, with a loved one, doing a hobby, or just being themselves). A detachable copy of the selected photo will be included in each card.


We print and mail your personalized activity kit.

Once you make your selections, we will print your cards and photos on high-quality paper and mail them to you.

Benefits of the Memory Lane Cards Activity Kit

Brings back great memories.

Our psychologist-developed prompts are based on reminiscence therapy and are sure to spark fond memories that improve mood and deepen connections with others.

Makes reaching out meaningful.

The memories shared through our beautiful one-of-a-kind cards make them deeply personal and create a fun and engaging experience for all.

Keeps the connection going.

The unique card is a conversation starter and the photo includes the name and phone number of the older adult to make reaching out easier.

Promotes better health.

The Activity Kit fosters social engagement which is pivotal to better overall health, positive mood, and increased longevity for older adults.

Engages older adults in a structured activity.

Our Activity Kit combines the pleasure of sending cards with the joy of reminiscing for older adults of every age.

Creates cherished keepsakes.

Our cards are gifts that last forever.

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